Designed for the ultimate decision maker, the retro throwback Froot Loops package redesign targets young parents shopping for their children’s breakfast cereal. With a vintage color scheme and line work, the labeling sets itself apart from other cereal boxes on the shelf but is still vibrant and fun! Consistent branding wraps the container on the front, back, side, lid and a lid seal emphasizing Kellogg’s commitment to ingredient transparency and the delight in every bite of Froot Loops.

The new shape of the cereal container makes pouring easier with a designated handle and spout shape, even the smallest hands can pour their own cereal themselves! Made with plastic and a twist tight lid allows for cereal to be stored in the same container it’s originally packaged in and stays fresh the entire lifetime of the package.

CLASSIC PACKAGE REDESIGN - Froot Loops Cereal  |  Adobe Illustrator |  RMCAD GD3470 |  May 2019